Posted by: sunshack | August 11, 2011

Life On The Costa Del Azahar

The early part of summer on the Med is my favourite for taking photos. There are less people, less tourists and somehow the light is sharper than at the other end of the season. It’s also when the resort of Peniscola receives quite a bit of care and attention ready to look it’s best for the summer crowds.

There were some Tourists about, and the French Tour Buses had started to arrive. I’m guessing that this was the 1st time that this particular French Coach driver had been required to reverse into the Papa Luna. Note the parked cars, carefully positioned to inflict maximum stress! Still, as he got stuck, the road was nice and quiet for a while!

I wonder if the passengers on that Coach were those I saw walking around the Castle a little later on. Well, when I say walking, some of them were taking a breather by sitting on the traffic roundabout, which is cunningly disguised as flower planters, before hitting the Souvenir shop.

The Church in the Old Town is well worth a visit, again, choose a quiet time in order to enjoy the architecture, the quiet and the atmosphere inside. I’m not so keen on the electric Pay Candles, though I suppose it’s a safer option, and shows the popularity of the Church.