Posted by: sunshack | August 26, 2011

Please Don’t Try This At Home

On Sunday 21st August around 12,000 folks got together for a Charity Fundraiser in Brackley at the Festival of Motorcycling.
We were really quite glad that we’d managed to park up on the front row!

The weather was kind, the crowd good natured, and the entertainment was, at times quite astounding. The rider in these photos is the amazing Kevin Carmichael.

There were a huge number of displays of Vintage motorcycles, with lots of really rare bikes. Quite a few were run up and down the High Street, aah! the smell of Castrol R. The legendary Slippery Sam was in attendance, plus one of Mike Hailwood’s race Honda’s, ridden by his son.

Several manufacturers were present with stands, including Ducati, BMW, Harley Davidson and Triumph.

On the playing fields, an Enduroland circuit had been built and large Quad bikes were racing around the track and over big obstacles.

They were joined by an Ambulance Service Quad, clearly not wanting to miss out on the fun.

A Trials bike course was set up and anyone could try and conquer the Limbo, in front of the crowd. No pressure then….

There was a large Arena, where off road bikes, both new and old were being raced, plus children’s Display Team the Tigers were in action.

I tried out a test ride on a Harley on a rolling road. What can I say, it vibrated, neutral was elusive, and the saddle was very comfortable!

The Custom Bike Competition was large, apparently over 100 entries, some were more attractive than others. I feel certain that their owners love them.

A fairground offered the chance to watch the Wall of Death riders in action.

I lost the lens out of one mirror on the M40 on ride home. If you were following me and it hit you, my apologies. They come as a pair, naturally!