Posted by: sunshack | October 11, 2011

Fiesta Peniscola 2011

Advertising for the Moors & Christians Parade

We make sure we are in Spain for Fiesta. In September, Peniscola has a massive party, lasting a couple of weeks. Parades, Bands, Fireworks, all night Disco’s and traditional Spanish celebrations.

It’s better to show you the photos, words can’t really explain the atmosphere!

Girls in the Fiesta Procession

Band Accompanying the Parade to the Church

Fiesta Queen in the Parade to the Church

Here is some video of the Dancers who accompany the Fiesta Queen on her way to the Church in the Old Town

There are many different attractions, something for everyone. The Mandarina Club organised a Vespa and Lambretta Parade starting on the seafront.

Vespa and Lambretta Parade

I managed to video some of the Scooters!

The next day, the Scooters made way for Vintage cars.

Vintage Car Display

One of the biggest events is the Moors & Christians Parade. In reality, there  two. They march into town one day, and back out the next. Getting a good seat for the Parade takes planning. This part of the audience is on a Roundabout.

Waiting for Moors & Christians

Moors on Parade

Christians on the March in Peniscola

Each group of Moors & Christians have a Marching Band with them, and they all play a different tune, which makes for a noisy Parade!

Moors March Out

On the second day, the Parade marches out of the town. It was very windy, there was quite a lot of sand blowing around. Full credit to the Parade participants for not being affected.

Flamenco Dancers on the cobbled road to the Castle.


Horses in the Parade

 Watching the Parade is not just for the tourists!

Watching the Parade