Posted by: sunshack | November 9, 2011

Strange Vibes

Every pair for sale!

I went to the London Ski Show this Autumn. It’s a showcase for the brightest stars in the UK and European Industry to show their wares, and, in some cases themselves. I met many old friends, I enjoyed renewing friendships, making new friends, and even participated in my first TweetUp.

This year the London Show seemed a smaller affair, and even if it was a bigger venue, there seemed less to see. The layout was not easy to follow and many folks I chatted to seemed to have experienced the “getting lost” sensation that plagued me.

I spent my time browsing the big retailers stands, and chatted to small independent ski manufacturers, who were keen to talk about their range. The large ski manufacturing companies did not seem to be present. I can’t speculate why, but for the boutique ski makers their decision must have been quite welcome.

This old American car caught my eye. It seemed authentic too, though I’m not too sure it had much more than a casual connection with skiing.

Studebaker at London Ski Show