Posted by: sunshack | February 28, 2012

This Way Up

Too good to miss

January was filled with snowy days. We received top ups most days, and fat(ish) skis were the weapon of choice. There were a few sunny days, I know this because I have the photos!

Because the snow was so good, we explored new routes and new slopes, and falling over in these conditions is less about how far you’ll slide, and more about where the skis are under the snow…

Me, digging my way out….

Not everyone skis all day, and some tourists seek out new experiences. This is the Woopy Jump. Is there a suitable term for a group of them? Answers on a Postcard!

Of course, with lots of snowfall, visibility on some days was challenging.

We always make an effort to drive to the neighbouring resorts in the Anniviers. It was great to see so much snow in Vercorin.

The gentle off piste in the trees there was fun, and we made our way back to mid station where the giant Air Bag was being tested!

A day out in St-Luc, saw me try and race the Funicular to the base station. I lost, but had fun trying to beat the train down the final Black run! In this photo you can see Grimentz in the distance with the sun hitting the low part of the village.

If I had to define January’s conditions in one word, the word would be……….