Posted by: sunshack | May 19, 2012

The Brace Position

It’s all to do with comfort. I’ve been a user of a night time Dental Brace for 20 years or more. I’m now on my third. They are expensive and custom made for each user, in a hard plastic.  Most Dentists don’t have the skills, but fortunately a few do. Here is my newest Tanner Appliance together with a Spanish DIY metal file.

A Little DIY works wonders

So, why are these two items relevant? My new Tanner Appliance was made in February by a UK Dentist, who made the Impressions and sent them to a UK Dental Lab for the Brace to be built Typically costs are over £300, this one was no exception. I have returned to the Dentist several times with fitting problems. It was just too tight and pinched my teeth. February passed into March and after several visits the Dentist told me that he did not want to adjust it any more. Hmmm, problem, it still hurt me.

I have tried to get along with it, but when it wakes me up after an hour’s sleep with throbbing teeth,  this is not good enough, and I go back to using my old one!

So, my position is this, it’s of no use to me whatsoever, my own Dentist won’t touch it, and it’s maker does not want spend the time to make it work, so I have nothing to lose by trying a little DIY!

After a couple of days, filing bit by bit, and trying the fit each time, I think I’ve made some progress. Lets just say it’s fitting me better than at any time so far. I have used it for two nights, and slept quite well.

It’s now shorter, the front is a different shape, I have made it lower at the front and less bulky overall, and I’m a lot more confident about using it.