Posted by: sunshack | May 28, 2012


I went down to the Beach yesterday to watch my 1st Triathlon. Lots of fit folks wandering around in wet suits, total chaos with roads closed along the seafront, and a few tourists who had firmly planted their Parasols on the Beach and were not moving for anything.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many racing bikes collected together.

Getting ready for the start

They started with a swim, in several groups, then onto bikes and then a run through the Old Town and also along South Beach.

The Swim Begins

Switching from swim to bike

I’d taken up a viewing position near to the roundabout where the competitors started to cycle. I’d not realised that their shoes are attached to the bike, and they climb onto their bikes and push their feet into their cycling shoes at the same time. This does seem to work, up until the point where they look down because they can’t get 1 foot in position. A rider crashed into a tree next to where I was standing, so I moved to a more defensive position and then this happened.

Why looking forwards is a good idea

The rider seemed unhurt and after examining his bike continued. No idea if he damaged the Yamaha he ran into. It was parked, and quite easy to see.

After cycling, they switched to running, up into the Old Town, cobblestones all the way.

The start of the climb towards the Castle

Some runners were feeling the strain by now.  They were rewarded with the downhill part, more cobblestones and much harder on tired legs.

Downhill is tougher on tired legs

I believe the winner received a weeks holiday in Peniscola. I think they earned it. I’m happy to be a spectator, I felt fat and middle aged watching. Diet time!