Posted by: sunshack | June 27, 2012


I’d arrived in Spain at the end of April, and expected the Spanish spring weather to be well advanced. Tourists on the beach seemed happy,  most days!

Not a Beach day…

I needed some prolonged dry weather to undertake the repairs and DIY I had planned, so I spent a few days as a tourist, people watching and seeing the sights. The Castle and Old Town was busy with Austrian Tour parties in May, so many that each party were given a number to follow, with the Tour Guide holding up a pole.

All you have to do is remember the number

I was quite disappointed to miss a showing of El Cid in the town. Quite a lot of the movie was filmed in Peniscola, so the showing included some footage about the production.

Poster about El Cid

In the Old Town renovations are always being carried out.  The houses are all terraced,  when one house gets a total rebuild, it’s important to consider your neighbours!

It will turn out all right

The restaurants and bars in the Old Town seem to be modernising their Menu’s to attract more passing trade.

The town takes it’s obligations to recycle quite seriously, and there are street recycling facilities everywhere, from chrome bins outside shops to bulk facilities for commercial use. Apparently there are some folk who believe that it’s possible to recycle pretty well anything….

Not quite what you’d expect to be recycling

The Triathlon in May, filled the seafront on a Sunday morning, so much so that it felt like high season.  Some of the spectators  came by bike!

Bicycle for 3

A national pastime seems to be to park your car, just outside where you want to be. This in turn leads to a matter of pride. It’s unthinkable to be defeated by a parking space, a loss of face would be suffered. Perhaps soap should be provided, when parking in busy areas.

How to Park Your Car in Spain

The Town’s Duck population has grown a bit over the winter, this Mother Duck has 13 babies.

Andy arrived, and told me that he’d managed to get a really cheap hire car from the airport. He’d said it was half the price of the others available for hire. When I went to look at it, I think I could see why!

Half Price Car!