Posted by: sunshack | July 23, 2012

Plan B…..2 Days in Zermatt

This was to be the year we scored our 1st 4000m hike. The easiest one is the Breithorn near Zermatt. So we booked a Hotel and reserved a Mountain Guide from the Zermatt Alpin Center months ago.  I was most pleased that I could still get into my Climbing Harness, we already had Crampons, so it was just a case of renting 1 Harness and getting the right weather on the day. As usual it’s the small details that can make or break a plan.

Rain was falling heavily when we arrived, and Coffee was called for. I simply asked for a black Coffee, and I reckon this is one of the best Coffees I’ve ever been served. The cream is inside the chocolate. Pour in the cream, eat the choccy, perfect!

Next stop was the Alpin Center, where we find out that there is little chance of achieving our goal the following day. Bad weather has set in, and we take the option of cancelling the booking. As it’s still raining in the village we head to the Matterhorn Museum, which is well worth a visit. Got to see the portion of frayed rope which was responsible for the tragedy during the 1st successful ascent by Whymper.

So, time to decide, where to go for our Day Hike?

Just choose one to follow from Zermatt

Next morning, it’s mostly stopped raining, but there is overall low lying grey cloud. We decide to join the rest of the Tourists and go up Gornergrat. On the way there we see this super Grain Store, just off the Main Street.

Grain Barn Zermatt

At the top of the train journey to Gornergrat we disembarked and headed up towards the summit, passing a Photo tout with a couple of St Bernards. Basically, you can have your photo taken by him, standing with the dogs. He was being very agressive with tourists who wanted to take photos of the dogs. I imagine he lost quite a few sales, by failing to turn interest in the dogs into a chance for a sale.

St Bernards in Zermatt

The little bit of whiteness on the paving stones above is snow, it’s snowing in July. It’s also quite windy and the foreign tourists on the train have fled indoors to the Shopping Mall or the restaurant. We are warmer because we have skiing thermals, but it’s still a bit bleak at the top.

We headed down towards Riffelberg, and the snow turned to rain, but it was warmer. Passed by the Lake where the Matterhorn is supposed to be reflected. Sadly just raindrops and grey cloud. This is the Matterhorn, honestly.

The Matterhorn, Zermatt

Heading down from Gornergrat