Posted by: sunshack | July 26, 2012


Several years ago, we hiked up to the Schwarzhorn from Chandolin. We ate our picnic lunch at the top and dangled our feet into the Turtmanntal. Our view was of a totally unspoiled landscape with a few farm buildings dotted here and there. We vowed to visit one day, and our first venture into the valley was to head for the Cabane Tourtemagne run by the CAS.

Hiking up to the Hut

The start of the hike is very pretty, up through a glade beside waterfalls and ravines. The path was steep in places though, care is needed and the drop is considerable.

Care is needed on the path

Crossing the ravine

The locals

We got our first sight of the Hut standing on the ridge overlooking the Dam. Lunch was looking further away!

Turtmannhutte overlooking the Dam

Eventually the path got quite a bit steeper, but as the weather was lovely it made the steep sections quite easy.

Path to Turtmannhutte

Cable section on Turtmannhutte Path

Eventually we reached a small plateau and had a super view of one of the two glaciers at the head of this valley.

Glacier view in the Turtmanntal

Here is a close up view of some of the action on this Glacier.

Waterfalls on the Turtmann Glacier

Seeing this sign was very welcome, and they serve Cola in Litre Jugs!

Cabane de Tourtemagne

As we settled down to our lunch, we saw that some folks had set their sights way higher than us, and these were tracks on one of the 4,000m peaks.

Since I’d hiked a fair way I think I’d earned a treat. I can recommend the Desserts at the Cabane!