Posted by: sunshack | August 2, 2012


Signpost to Cabane de Moiry

A beautiful warm sunny morning hike up to the Cabane de Moiry  which is run by CAS. The Hut has been recently modernised and we were looking forward to seeing the new facilities. The path starts from the end of the road at the Lac de Moiry.

This is a very varied path with wonderful views throughout.

Coming down from the ridge to cross the first snow

The final approach has a lot of stones to be crossed.

Stones on Approach to Cabane de Moiry

Finally Cabane de Moiry comes into view

The renovations and new extension look great, with large picture windows looking out onto the Moiry Glacier.

View from the Dining Room at Cabane de Moiry

Lunch was lovely, and it was wonderfully warm in the sunshine. I was missing my favourite Dessert, Tarte au Myrtilles, so I suggested that this was the day we could hike to 2 Cabane’s, by heading over to St Luc and up to the Cabane Bella Tolla. We packed our bags and headed back down as quickly as we could.

Heading down from Cabane de Moiry

Some sections needed to be undertaken more slowly!

Coming down from Cabane de Moiry

Into the car and a quick drive across the valley to St Luc and onto the Funicular. We parked in the Funicular Car Park, and were pleasantly surprised that the Commune have decided not to charge for Car Parking this year.

Riding the Funicular in St Luc

A quick half hour ascent from the top of the Funicular gives access to the Cabane Bella Tola. The food is good and they serve very tasty Tarte au Myrtille, so we took afternoon Coffee  and Cake at our 2nd Hut of the Day.

View from Cabane Bella Tola

It’s possible to see the Hotel Weisshorn in the distance, a great end to a fine day in the mountains.