Posted by: sunshack | August 23, 2012

Hot Air

As we were around we grabbed the chance to visit the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. It’s been a feature of the West Country landscape for many years, and it’s been around 20 years since we’ve visited this large free event held in the grounds of the Ashton Court Mansion on the outskirts of the city.

Woody Woodpecker Balloon from Brazil

To see the Mass Ascent which happens each morning at around 6am, meant me getting up at 3am! The launch is very dependent on the weather, and we chose our day quite carefully. Despite this, by the time we arrived, the wind had arisen, and Balloon launches were limted.

6am and the smell of Bacon Butties fills the air

We had a good look around the site, but many of the stall holders were not geared up for the Morning Ascent crowd!

Try again later…..

I wish I’d had the idea for a van full of Cashpoints. Never seen one before, clearly I don’t get out much!

Bank on wheels

Back in the Main Arena, a huge Cartoon Dragon Balloon was inflated and tethered.

Windy and tethered

Go Green! Customise your Smart

Pondering the new super micro, mini, sub compact range from Nissan

Roller Skates, just what you need on grass…..

Some say he has no idea what an Allen Key is, or how to spell the words…