Posted by: sunshack | October 1, 2012


It was already a hot day!

A beautiful sunny Sunday for the charity fundraiser at Brackley. The weather forecast was fairly positive and we picked out our summer riding gear and headed up the M40. A new layout of an oval track for the road and race bikes in the main street worked really well. The bike above was on display, but as it was warm and had been ridden to the venue. We decided that we were probably too short, and would not be able to reach the controls!

This is more my size, though it’s not what it seems. No way would I ride a bike wearing a helmet about 5 sizes too big and undone! I would have preferred a proper test ride, it was a bit patronising really.

All this without moving…

There were some Gems tucked away and unnoticed by most walking by. How many had seen a Quasar before.

Quasar, fast comfy and you stayed dry in the rain.

In the field area there was a superb show of Trials Bike riding from Dougie Lampkin. He made it look so easy!

Riding along the Barrel of a Tank

There were some oddities on display. I’m not sure these two count as Motorcycles, though when the Dragster was started, everyone was pretty well obliged to listen.

Tuk Tuk with added extras

It’s called Nosferatu apparently

In the Arena, Flyin’ Ryan does what he does best, with his wife in the parked car.

Flyin’ Ryan gets big air

We took a walk up the High Street, and on our return watched the remarkable Kevin Carmichael ride in the oval track on the main street.

Absolute Control

Making it look easy

Another great day for Charity, numbers were up on last year and an amazing event for all.