Posted by: sunshack | August 25, 2013


This summer has been a bit messy to say the least. I was unsure where to start for this Blog entry, but since it’s shaped the whole of my summer, I’ll begin at the beginning. I was cutting a Hedge with some shears, a piece of Hedge went into one Eye and became lodged. Not good.

Later that afternoon, after hosting a fly-by from my elderly Parents, I was rushed by OH to the Minor Injuries Unit at the nearest Hospital, in the expectation that they would “just” get it out. They put Dye in my Eye,  located the lump in my Cornea, then rubbed at it with a Cotton Bud, and that was the extent of their endeavour. I was issued a Letter and told to phone the Emergency Eye Clinic at another Hospital, and get an appointment.

By next Morning, it was clear that the 24 hr Emergency Phone line was not being answered, so OH drove me to the Hospital to stand outside the locked doors of the Emergency Eye Clinic. Finally someone unlocked the doors, and let me in, where I had to go through the whole” Story Telling ” again (why didn’t they just read the Letter from the last Hospital?).

After a couple more hours waiting, a Doctor dug out the offending piece of Hedge with a Needle. He’d tried the Cotton Bud method again, though if he’d read the letter he would have sussed that, and saved himself some time.

I was given drops to put in my Eye. A drug called Oxfloxacin. Read through the Patient Information Leaflet, nothing gave me cause for concern. Quick search on the Web offered lots of cautionary notices about Tendonitis and Spontaneous Tendon Ruptures, but I was only on it for a week, and soon forgot about the notes saying the effects lasting in the body for months after finishing taking it.

My Eye made a good recovery, so I was happy!

I became a little less happy whilst out Hiking some weeks later, and taking a tumble down a Ploughing hole. It really was an insignificant fall, I was wearing good Boots, but the Ankle Sprain I sustained was out of all proportion to the cirumstances. I really thought I’d broken my Ankle at first. This was nuts!

I made it back to base, didn’t risk taking a look until I was home. There was a lot of swelling in the area of the Ankle, this gradually turned black, blue and green in the next few weeks.

This is week 7, and I’m now able to bear the weight of the bedclothes, but I still have to wait for road crossing signals,  I’m walking so slowly. I have muscle wastage in my Calf caused by not being able to use my Ankle, and it will be a while until I’m fully recovered. I creak all over, and have read that this is a symptom of the drug still being present in my body. I have plenty of work to do to regain my fitness before the start of the ski season.

Though I’m not quite ready yet.