Posted by: sunshack | July 24, 2014

Here They Come!

7am on a May morning. Yawn, open Shutters, stare out, rub eyes, stare some more, grab binoculars, then grab camera. Nope, not a Mirage.


Black Watch approaching Peniscola

Black Watch approaching Peniscola in the early morning

It’s the day of the very first visit by a Cruise Ship to the town of Peniscola.  Black Watch is visiting as part of an 18 day cruise from Southampton, bringing nearly 800 visitors. The Cruise has a Movie Location Theme, and around 800 guests plus crew enjoyed a day in and around the old town. The Castle, which dominates the Old Town, was used in the making of the film El Cid starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren.


Black Watch moors behind Peniscola Citadel

Black Watch moors behind Peniscola Citadel

The visitors enjoyed a Civic Reception in the Harbour, but Black Watch had to stay outside, as it was too big to come in and moor up. Passengers were shuttled ashore in the Lifeboats!