Posted by: sunshack | August 3, 2014

Summer Sliding

Everyone knows that the Netherlands is flat, has Tulips and Windmills. Not everyone knows that it also has the biggest indoor Snow facility in Europe at Landgraaf. It’s a 3 hour drive from Calais.

This staircase beside the centre gives you a feel for the gradient of the slope. Built on the site of a closed mine, it’s an excellent use of a brownfield site.

Yes, I did climb to the top!

Yes, I did climb to the top!

 Inside the Centre are several Restaurants, changing facilities for slope users and a Hotel. Lockers are coin operated, and car parking is also charged. If you have a right hand drive car, the exit for the Ski Slope Car Park is hard work. You need to get out of your car to put a coin in a slot, the barrier goes up, you run back to your driving seat, and watch the barrier come down before you can get into gear. Repeat until a queue forms, and someone finally calls reception on the intercom to explain the problem.

 There are several ski slopes to choose from, depending on skill level, and a centrally positioned 6 seat chairlift serves all slopes.


My Whitedots got very dirty!

 I chose to stay off site, but close by, at a very pretty Hotel called Overste Hof. It’s a restored and converted Farmhouse in a country setting.

Overste Hof

Central Courtyard at the Farmhouse.

It’s quite surreal to be dressing to ski in high summer, but if you go, you will need to wear thermals, perhaps use goggles, and definitely wear gloves with good insulation.