Posted by: sunshack | December 12, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I returned from a short visit to the island of Tenerife. It was my first visit, and I’ll definitely make another. It’s an island of big contrasts, there are smart hotels with rows of sun loungers, backed by the trappings of the mass market holiday business. Turn a corner and the same beach town can seem much more laid back with a stylish art influenced vibe.

It has a mountain, with snow, which put paid to my visit to the top. Rangers closed the road, on my 2nd attempt to make my visit. The path up through the Lava field looks quite challenging.

Teide Path

Teide Path

If Spain sent all of the Lookie Men with their fake watches home, would the Beaches and Cafe’s be more pleasant to use?

Lookie Men

I’d heard that the Island was windy, and thought it would be fine, I was used to a windy resort or two. It’s so windy in parts, that it attracts world class Windsurfers and Kite Surfers.

Kite Surfers Tenerife

Beach on Tenerife


El Medano Beach

Kite Surfer