Posted by: sunshack | September 4, 2015


After I’d taken a day off in Zermatt, because of bad weather, I set off to visit the Hörnlihütte at 3260m. It’s at the base of the Matterhorn. It’s a mountain hike, but as it’s a busy route, well marked and has quite a few safety features.

How convenient

How convenient, some stairs.

The Matterhorn comes into view.

The Matterhorn comes into view.

Some of the route has ropes, where there is a drop

Some of the route has ropes or cables, where there is a drop.

Hornlihutte path

Hornlihutte path, you can see it zig zags down the hillside

Where the ropes and cables are present, take care, as the rope can be frozen, or the wire cable frayed. I received several puncture wounds to my hands. The Hut has recently been modernised and has a whole new wing. It’s where Mountaineers stay to prepare for their ascent on the Matterhorn, but is also a busy lunch destination in good weather.



I walked beyond the Hut to the base of the climb. There are many memorial plaques fastened to the rock at the base.

P1010733 P1010734

This is where the they start. If you are going to climb the Matterhorn from the Swiss side, this is your start point.

This is where the climbing starts

This is where the climbing starts

Coming back was all downhill and faster of course, though I think it’s worth taking as much care on the downhill part of a hike, as slippery surfaces can prove risky. A pleasant and varied hike surrounded by spectacular scenery.