Posted by: sunshack | November 18, 2016

Getting High



I will use any excuse to get some time on skis. New Ski Boots to run in? That will do nicely. So I packed a bag and headed for some early season sliding in Zermatt. At this time of the year, it’s mostly on the Glacier, which is quite extensive, though there are not many holiday tourists, it’s mostly National Ski Teams and their Trainers. It was fun being the worst skier on the hill. The snow was in superb condition, and the weather stayed cold. It’s always a little strange to come down to a mountain village, and find that it’s really warm, and I’m way overdressed!  The Lift Company had decided that they would service the main Gondola, that week, and everyone was trying to squeeze into the old Cable Car. Long queues, it was grim!

Up on the Glacier, conditions were superb. Wonderful squeaky snow.


 Great to watch, but I have no wish to try this!


I went for a Coffee in Italy!


The slopes close early in the Summer and Autumn,  so one afternoon, I went for a walk around in the old village of Zermatt. It’s very pretty, and has much more charm than the new Hotels.


With access by Train from Geneva or Zurich, Zermatt is a good choice for a short ski break.