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In December and January I skied 3 ski areas in 3 Countries. The conditions I experienced varied greatly. In December, I stayed in Zermatt, where conditions on the slopes had been augmented by artificial snow. Zermatt managed to open a couple of pistes back to the village. Hopping over the border into Italy at Cervinia during the same week, and I experienced the magical Powder. Of course, weather patterns play a big part of determining which resort gets the “freshies” and it was the turn of Cervinia, which shares glacier access with Zermatt.

I was happy that my favourite Black piste on the Zermatt side, was opened up. It was quiet, so I got stuck in straight away.

Furg to Furi piste

Furg to Furi piste

Ventured over to Cervinia several times. It can take quite a while to get there using the lift system. Going up onto the glacier, then skiing across the border into Italy. It was however, worth the trek.



 Christmas came and went, and I made the trip out to Chamonix in January. I had snowfall for my drive out, which made for a longer trip. The upside of all that big weather was powder for my first few days. Bliss!


It's a Powder Day!

It’s a Powder Day!


I visited Le Tour Vallorcine, expecting to find a little more of the nice soft powder. I’d not checked the wind forecast the day before I went up there. Oh dear! The off piste was hard, wind scoured crust within the system.

It's still snow, but not much fun

It’s still snow, but not much fun

The weather warmed up, and I thought I’d try another day at Les Houches. Some of the open pistes had insufficient snow.


Interesting snow crystals in Vallorcine.


The Bears have the right idea!


I rented an apartment near Brevent, which had superb views.

Room with a View!

Room with a View!

So far this winter, many mainstream European resorts have been short of snowfall. I’m hoping that the latter part of the season will see bumper snow.