Posted by: sunshack | March 20, 2017


P1040257.JPGWhen booking a Ski Trip to Switzerland, I did not give any thought to how I should behave during an Earthquake. It really did not cross my mind. I was more concerned about snow! So, there I was in bed, on the top floor of the second oldest Building in the village of Engelberg, and can say, honestly, that the earth did move for me! Actually my Bed was bouncing up and down, the whole room was creaking, and the light fitting was swaying from side to side, with a side serving of big deep bangs somewhere below me. My first Swiss Earthquake. The skiing was quite good too, though visibility some days left a bit to be desired. The sun, eventually put in an appearance, and showed me all the wonderful offpiste that is within the ski area. I was very tired by the time I’d finished.



The snow was deep and wonderfully fluffy. Not everyone got to enjoy the snow.


I made time to visit the Ice Cave on the Glacier, and take a good walk around the village.




A word of caution to anyone who has allergies or food intolerances. Zurich Airport Security don’t seem to be able to cope with travellers who carry with them Coffeemate powder, in order to enjoy a Coffee. They took mine away, after extensively searching all of my hand luggage, and after they finally returned it, I threw it away. It is a dried food, and I was unsure if it had been contaminated. I found nowhere offering Soya/Oat/Almond Milk with Coffee beyond the security area.