Posted by: sunshack | March 25, 2017


The Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Trust Museum at Manston, Kent, had an open day recently. This was the 72nd Anniversary Event for the Manston Spitfire TB752. A variety of attractions were on offer to help raise funds for the Museum.  The Museum is really well organised with friendly staff and even had some exhibits available for visitors to handle.

Spitfire at Manston

Spitfire Cockpit at Manston

Browning Machine Gun fitted to Spitfires

In the adjoining Hangar sits a Hurricane. Really well presented and restored.


I spent some time chatting to the staff, and they were very interested to hear about my experiences when  I flew in Spitfire MJ627  last year. The Spitfire, Spirit of Kent was due to attend, but cancelled on the day due to bad weather. Outside the venue, is a separate RAF Museum, which has a Doodlebug Bomb on display. Many of these V-1 bombs fell on London during WW2.


Listen to the sound of a Doodlebug passing overhead.

Some really unusual Vintage Cars attended.

Austin 7 Super Speed

The days before bicycle racks.

By the time I left, it was not just windy, but really windy.