Posted by: sunshack | July 11, 2017

Spring Slide

Gressoney La Trinite

For some strange reason I prepared this entry and failed to post it. Oh well, here is some snow to make you think of winter.

The end of my ski season. It’s always warm, snowy and a little sad as another winter on snow comes to a close. My destination was the Hamlet sized village of Gressoney La Tinite in the Monterosa ski area, in Aosta, Italy. Though I was definitely in Italy, I kept seeing German words throughout the village, and learned that the inhabitants of the villages were Walser’s who originally came from Swiss Valais. I had already spent a couple of days here a few years back, and knew I wanted to see more of the skiing. I stayed in a smart Hotel, but unfortunately my room overlooked the Kitchen dustbins, and I was treated to a nightly cacophony of empty Wine bottles being thrown into skips and the staff enjoying their Cigarette breaks directly below my room.

 The skiing is varied and extensive. Access from Gressoney La Trinite is via a rather old 2 person chairlift. Once up on the hill the terrain opens up, and the views are great.

Mother Nature delivered me some powder to play in. How could I resist. This is on the Alagna side of the system.

Powder 100% legal!

Some lovely long runs above Gressoney

I went for a Coffee at this Mountain Hut. Thought I’d check my emails, while I was there. Price for that is 5 Euros. Be warned.

The home run, after a few days of warm weather. Still open, and just about skiable,

I do wish that smart Hotels, would be more smart about their Bar billing. It’s not smart to try to rip of customers. Each evening I had the same drink with Dinner. Came to pay my Bill and I seem to have had a little binge. Still, a photo of each evening’s Main Course with the Bottle soon resolved the problem.